Hiking in Namibia

... with dunes in walking distance of your accommodation

Hiking in our dune landscape

Expeditions to the Camelthorn Valley

Tsondab Valley’s most distinctive feature is the Camelthorn Valley below the lodge. Here, hundreds of ancient Camelthorn trees cover an area reaching northward into the red dune-fields. Choose your own hiking route; let the old giants impress you; discover the first red dunes in the valley not far from the lodge, or the small canyon – a trench eroded into the petrified dunes where you can find interesting geological treasures such as fossilized roots and the ancient Scarab’s symmetrical dungball . . .  The small canyon is of special interest to the photographers because it is accessible on foot and offers a lively display of colours. Our lodge is always visible so you will not get lost.

Duration return trip: from 30 minutes - 2.5 hours (depending on route taken)

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