Accommodation Namib Desert, Namibia

An exclusive lodge in the solitude & remoteness of the Namib Desert

Why choose to stay at Tsondab Valley?

Combine your holiday in Namibia with an unforgettable stay-over in the heart of an exclusive, unique and environmentally friendly resort, set in the heart of the Namib Desert, and by doing so, make a valuable contribution towards conserving this private Nature Park.

Our small and intimate lodge was hand-built by ourselves over the past ten years, and is a small family enterprise.  With growing concern towards the worthy protection of the landscape, and the respectful use of our scarce resources; here at Tsondab we take our responsibilities very seriously:

- Our collective responsibility to nature and the animals;
- Our individual responsibility towards our employees; and especially
- Our responsibility towards our guests.

A very special corner of Namibia |

Our guests always tell us: Tsondab Valley is one of the most magical places in Namibia: Mother Nature, in one of her best moods, created an Acacia wooded valley, nestled among the red Namib dunes, blue marble mountains and hidden canyons, situated on our lodge’s doorstep.

From the rooftop of your bungalow, or the laidback bar, or a recliner next to the natural swimming pool, or from the unique showers hidden inside little overhangs of rock along the edge of the valley, you will get an unrivalled view of the wide endless beauty of the African savanna.

Come and experience the soft pastels of the rising sun over the Tsondab Valley, the golden light of the Namib sunset, the vast silence of the desert at night under the wheeling stars of the Milky Way, with only the call of a jackal in the air… and when you arrive at Tsondab Valley, you will know: I’ve found the heart of Africa.
And we welcome you to our heart!

Tourism in harmony with Nature

Far removed from the rush and crush of mass tourism
, we offer you a personal connection to the origin and beauty of the Namib Desert, untouched and unblemished by our eco-friendly approach disturbing as little as possible of the natural splendour around us and which includes a very careful waste management.

It goes without saying that Tsondab Valley provides its own electricity and water supply. It is an operational principle at Tsondab to use as little as possible of any resource without imposing on the needs of our guests.

Your visit to Tsondab Valley Scenic Reserve is for a bigger cause, namely the preservation and further development of the park’s unique bio-sphere: the removal of old fencing inside the reserve to let the game roam freely (think cheetahs chasing ostriches…) while repairing and improving the perimeter fencing, building water-points for the local game and bird species, the maintenance of access tracks and hiking trails, sustainable waste management – these are our daily tasks to preserve the scenic beauty of our nature park, and you can help us achieve this with your support.

Small is beautiful

Tsondab Valley, with its 10 beds, is one of the smallest accommodation establishments in Namibia, and this allows us to personally take care of the needs of each of our guests in an atmosphere of friendly familiarity. In this setting, you have the opportunity to get to know and engage with the personal stories and histories of the German South-West African experience going back three generations. Around the long dining room table, you will make new friends and interesting contacts, and be left with longlasting memories.

We take the time to answer all your questions, be it over a cup of coffee, a cool sundowner drink, a glass of excellent South African wine or on a spectacular dune ride in our nostalgic Land Rover.

With us, you are not fitted into a commercial-tourism standard program.  Instead, each guest is treated according to his individual needs and personal interests, and the pace is set by you.

Less is More |

The minimalist nature of the Namib Desert teaches its inhabitants a basic truth: less is more.

We take pleasure from the small but beautiful things of life: sights, signs and spoor of small animals and their predators in a space where the superficial excitement of a technological world fades away. The serenity of the desert focuses our thoughts and observations inward and onward, closer to nature, shaping the legacy we leave for the next generations.

Our philosophy of quality rather than quantity is a guiding principle in how we operate and can be seen in the way our lodge is presented: a minimalist but original touch that can also be experienced in the tasteful dishes served by our kitchen. With fresh, healthy products and local flavour we stimulate even the sophisticated palate. Our modest yet comfortable service will leave no wishes unfilled.

We look forward to welcoming you.

©TSONDAB VALLEY Scenic Reserve 2020