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About Us

Meet the people who hand-built Tsondab Valley for what it is today: a genuine desert oasis, small but select, with an atmosphere of friendly familiarity that you will never forget...

A real “South-Wester”, whose grandfather immigrated to SWA about 100 years ago as a colonial veterinarian. Bush pilot by heart; do-it-yourself- & handyman; passionately perfectionist. Has been in aviation since 1981 and never stopped exploring the skies of Southern Africa. It was he who discovered Epupa Falls for tourism - from the air of course. Built & operated the first fly-in camp on the banks of Kunene River. Developed a guestfarm from scratch on the edge of Etosha National Park. Loves animals and people with a good sense of humour.
Motto: No start, no progress!


A born-and-bred Berlin girl, who has always wanted to break out of her 9-5 office job and finally arrived in Namibia "on duty" for a big German company. Remains fascinated by Namibia's vastness and diversity, even after 20 years in the country. Lives out her creativity in photography, digital design and last but not least as your Chef at Tsondab Valley. Takes care of all logistical and bureaucratic matters of the company and is thus your contact person for enquiries and bookings. Enjoys the small things in life the most, with distinct feeling for estetics and quality. Big lover of animals, nature and campfires...
Motto: Where there's a will, there's a way!
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