Scenic Flights Sossusvlei Namibia

Namib Desert & Diamond Coast Scenic Flights

Route 4 | Namib Highlights

... the desert's majestic splendour!

We head directly for Sossusvlei. The tints of the sand dunes below us range from pastel pink to warm, dark orange depending on the time of day. Extensive circling over the pan leaves us enough time for photos and the intensive experience of the desert's colours and shapes. Flying over the forbidden Diamond Area, we recognize a few old miners' camps. A lonely ox-wagon in the middle of a saltpan tells its own tale of the hardships endured by the mining communities in their quest for riches. Along the coastline we encounter seal colonies from time to time and pass the wreck of the WOERMANN LINIEN freightor, Eduard Bohlen. Halfway along "Lange Wand", a vast dune crest stretching over several kilometres, and dropping straight down into the Atlantic Ocean, we change course and return inland. We continue flying over the Sea of Sand, the endless dunefields of the Namib Desert, until a green wavy line announces the imminent appearance of the Kuiseb river easing its way snugly through the dunes. Finally we reach Kuiseb Canyon, where the red sand disappears down its deep black gorges.  Our return flight takes us over the game-rich plains south of the Kuiseb towards the spectacular Tsondab Valley with its Hidden Canyon and vast dune valleys dotted with Camelthorn trees.

Flying time: approx. 2 hours*
*depending on wind conditions

Info sheet with flying routes and rates for printing:
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We look forward to welcoming you on bord.

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