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Namib Desert & Diamond Coast Scenic Flights

Route 3 | Tsondabvlei, Diamond Coast & Kuiseb Canyon

... a flight into the past!

Our route takes us low-level in a westerly direction via Tsondabvlei towards the "Forbidden Coast" on the Atlantic Ocean.  Here, a desolated diamond digger camp will appear below us, lodging the remains of the wooden houses that have been exposed to the harsh climate of the coastal areas for nearly a century. Further along the shore lies the shipwrecked freighter Eduard Bohlen, which went to sea for the Woermann Linie on its last journey in 1909. Seal colonies are regularly seen to populate the shores.   We continue to follow the coastline along the “Lange Wand”, a 6km long dune wall dropping straight into the Atlantic Ocean.   As we turn inland, a green wavy line announces the imminent appearance of the Kuiseb river, easing its way snugly through the dunes. Finally we reach Kuiseb Canyon at a point where the red sand disappears down its deep black gorges.  We fly back over the game-rich plains south of the Kuiseb and the spectacular Tsondab Valley with its Hidden Canyon and vast dune valleys dotted with Camelthorn trees.

Flying time: approx. 1.6 hours*
*depending on wind conditions

Info sheet with flying routes and rates for printing:
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We look forward to welcoming you on bord.

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