Scenic Flight Sossusvlei Namibia

Namib Desert & Diamond Coast Scenic Flights

Route 2 | Sossusvlei & Tsondabvlei

... enchantment of the dunes!

Soon after take-off we fly over a desert area with inclines of dark red petrified dunes. They stand as silent witnesses to an ancient desert which claimed its setting even before the awe-inspiring Namib evolved. We head low-level over the endless Sea of Sand for Sossusvlei. This famous clay pan lies amongst the highest dunes of the Namib (approximately 350m) and is filled with water after a good rainy season.  Southwest of Sossusvlei you will see Dead Vlei.  Over time, growing dune hills have cut off the inflow of the Tsauchab River, and in so doing, destroyed the life-source of all vegetation within this pan. Heading north from here, we pass Tsondabvlei on our way back to the Tsondab Valley airstrip.

Flying time: approx. 1.3 hours*
*depending on wind conditions

Info sheet with flying routes and rates for printing:
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We look forward to welcoming you on bord.

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