Scenic Flight Namibia

Scenic Flights over the Namib Desert Dunes

Route 1 | Tsondabvlei & Kuiseb Canyon

... your desert contrast impression!

Our route takes us low-level over the Tsondab riverbed in a westerly direction, until we reach Tsondabvlei. This clay pan is closed to the puplic as it is the breeding ground of one of the largest populations of the protected lappet-faced Vultures in southern Namibia. We take our time to absorb the contrasts of this part of the desert: huge Camelthorn trees, table mountains, red crescent-shaped sand dunes... From here we head North over the Sea of Sand to the Kuiseb Canyon – the best part of the whole area and highly recommended!  We fly back over the game-rich plains south of the Kuiseb and the spectacular Tsondab Valley with its Hidden Canyon and vast dune valleys dotted with Camelthorn trees.

Flying time: approx. 1 hour*
*depending on wind conditions

Info sheet with flying routes and current rates for printing:
scenic flight routes and ratesflights.pdf

We look forward to welcoming you on bord.

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